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Neil was born to be a storyteller. Unlike other “normal” British kids, Neil grew up as a geek and a huge fan of the TV series Doctor Who back when it was decidedly uncool to like those sorts of things... He spent much of his childhood writing mystery novellas, several TV scripts and editing a science-fiction fan magazine. With dreams far too big to be contained by a small town, Neil hopped on a plane and left behind the cows, tourists and millionaires of Jersey in the Channel Islands, and headed West… he kept going until he landed in Vancouver, B.C.

Since then, Neil has continued to develop his writing skills, exploring the magical world of talking mushrooms (The Legend of Silkboy), sleazy saloons filled with vampire cowboys (Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance) and hordes of zombies in the hit game title Dead Rising 3. As a Story Consultant, Neil has an encyclopedic knowledge of story and genre and an uncanny ability to identify problems in structure, theme and characterization. Recognizing the importance of mentorship, he has helped hundreds of writers tell not just a better story but the best story only they could tell.

It is when he is directing that Neil’s love of movies and visual storytelling truly shines. His passion and enthusiasm is tempered by a focus and attention to detail that pushes and inspires those around him to bring their highest level of creativity.

Most recently, Neil completed working in Middle Earth with Monolith Studios/Warner Bros. on Shadow of Mordor. Neil contributed many thousands of lines of Orc dialgue to the Middle Earth hit as well as co-producing, co-shooting and co-directing a series of 'making of' docs on the production.

Currently Neil is busy working on Season 3 of the hit comedy webseries Fools For Hire, which he writes and directs, the latest episodes of which have already garnered official selctions by LA Webfest and Hollyweb Fest. Neil is also busy developing his feature directorial debut, The Death of Alec Gray, a time travel thriller and the Sci-Fi TV series The Seventh Fire.

When not writing and directing, Neil is a hobbyist photographer and unashamedly proud, towel-waving, fan of the Vancouver Canucks, one of the few professional sports teams never to have won the cup - the perpetual disappointment brought by the Canucks is, Neil says, "Perfect training for the highs and lows of being a filmmaker..."