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"I found Neil to be exceptionally well prepared. With an uncanny awareness of everything from the broadest thematic strokes to the most technical nuances, he easily targeted all the pressing issues of my script. I suddenly realized why I was writing it and what I wanted to say. By the end of our first meeting, Neil did what the head script editor at ICM had failed to do in nearly a year: make me see the script for what it was and what it wasn't."

Derek Franson: Writer/Director "Smart Parts"/"Comforting Skin"

"Thanks in good part to the story editing work of Neil Every, my film project "Unwritten..." premiered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival. I have worked with Neil on numerous projects and have always found him insightful, focused and honest. He has helped push two feature scripts towards development and I would highly recommend his services at any and all stages of development."

Kaare Andrews, Writer/Director "Altitude"

"If you're looking for someone to hold your hand, gently nurture your unique talents and celebrate every victory with a hug - Neil is not the person for you. He's not going to pat you on the back just for finishing. He has a firm grasp on the concept of earning your spot in this industry and he will demand that you either stand up and be counted or get out of the way! I highly recommend Neil to any screenwriter who is ready to step their game up to the next level. He's also, despite being a hard task master, an easy person to get along with, an overall good human and a fine filmmaker".

Kellie Benz, Writer/Director "Naked Night Bike"

"I found Neil's comments and analysis to be extremely thorough while showcasing an appreciation and understanding of the genre. He didn't just go through the motions of posing structural and motivational questions, but delved into all underlying aspects beneath the surface of an already well-crafted story."

Gillian Hrankowski, Producer

"Neil is a top notch story consultant. He is well-versed in all areas of the script writing art, and he challenges the screenwriter to delve deeper into each area of their work, from theme to structure, character to dialogue, visual motifs to pacing. Neil doesn't coddle; he is thoroughly committed to excellence in cinematic storytelling and he will challenge you constantly. By the time you're through, Neil will make sure you are clear on your script, from the micro of why your protagonist nodded their head to the macro of what your script is actually about. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Jeff Richards, Writer/Director/Producer


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